Christian Francis

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Do you have an uneven chest or lack mass in certain areas?

There are two parts of the chest that you need to understand. The upper chest with clavicular fibres, as well as the lower chest with sternal fibres, which both are stimulated through slightly different angles. Here are a couple of juicy tips that even will make the ladies jelous!

- Focus more on incline chest presses, do 2/3 chest sessions emphasised on upper development. - Fully squeeze the chest on the top position of an exercise for a second or two. - Slightly internally pronate your wrist, especially during dumbell or machine exercises. - Perform the full range of motion, such as if performing a bar exercise, let the bar touch the chest. Add these strategies to your chest arsenal and I can guarantee you improvement in the whole chest complex! #Fittr #Iamfittr

Varpe Vishal

my left chest is uneven please solution batao bachpan se hai uneven

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