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Do you have an hard time changing your weight?

Whether you are looking to gain weight or lose weight, it all comes down to your total colorie consumption of the day. Other factors that greatly effects this are your daily activity level as well as your genetics.

The main problem with people not being able to change thier weight is not simply because of that your genetics does not allow to, the factors mentioned are just your set individual boundries that you need to play according with. Like any other game, you will need to learn the rules before you play and a good way to do so is to figure out your base metabolic rate as well as your total daily exercise calories on top of this. This can easily be done in a few minutes using the Fittr app tool or by some fast googling! Simply put in your individual stats and VOILA! These are your rules! Now we need to know more or less how much we feed our bodies. This is most accurately done with the help of a food scale and an given diet chart with food values. This is GURANTEED going to give you results. Many go on assumptions like ”I had a salad”, but you do not know how much calories are in there, or ”I had 7 meals today!”, but you do not know for sure if you are in an caloric surplus. This usually fails as many are not experienced and know food values by heart. Genetics will play a role too, but these can not be changed. Sticking to this basic information will give you more knownledge on what personally works for you! 🤞🏽 #Fittr #Iamfittr
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