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🍫 Do you have a sweet tooth ?

Fitness Myths
While you may think eating sugar will satisfy your craving for the rest of the day, eating sweets and processed foods once is enough to make you want to go back for more later.

🍫So what can you do to control it ? 🍫 Do not skip you meal !! Missing meals and eating too little can really destroy a healthy diet. Not only will you feel uncomfortably hungry all the time but also you might end up eating a lot of junk. 🍫Have enough Fruits in your diet!! If you have enough fruits in your diet you will less likely to crave something sweet since the fruits are sweet but make sure you add them in your macros. 🍫Try to make healthy desserts ! Use whey protein to make healthy desserts so that it can suffice your cravings.Do not make it as a habit but yeah sometimes when its really required try and have them. 🍫Have enough Protein in your diet !! When you eat protein, you’re better able to balance your blood sugar, which will help your cravings immensely. You’ll find that your desire for dessert is less after you’ve eaten and digested a meal high in protein. 🍫Pro tip - Always keep sugar free chewing gums with you sometimes its just about fooling your mind and eating something sweet is not necessary. I hope it was useful. So do not let your cravings spoil your hard work. Keep grinding !!

Vedavathi Pillari

Thanks for info, using sugar free like starvia is it safe? To use in tea. Currently i am using 4gm of jaggery fitting in macros

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