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Do you have a strong ‘WHY’ for your fitness goals?

Aesthetics is the most common goal whenever someone starts with a fitness regime. Most people have a specific body image that they want to achieve. Whereas a few of them are just tired of the way they look, and they want a dramatic change in their appearance. Then, there are a few who aim for brute strength and power.

Well, any reason to take up fitness is good enough. But, to run with it consistently, we need a really strong ‘why’ behind this. That’s because, surface-level reasons to start off with anything in life, generally shuts down the enthusiasm for the goal in a few days. I have observed it in many cases that I have dealt with. I cannot say that it is the absolute truth for everyone. Still, I feel that one should analyze the ‘why’ behind his/her fitness journey (Or any goal for that matter). Here’s how you can pin down your ‘why’ so that it helps you stay on track whenever you feel like giving up: * Observe whether the goals are decided due to external factors: Have you started this fitness thing because someone criticized you? Do you want to fit in some social circle? Have you attached your worth to your looks or physical capacity? Do you want others to validate you? Are you trying to chip in your share of flaunting on social platforms? Be radically about answering these questions!
 * Set your goals sensibly: Smartly define your goals! It should be achievable, realistic and should have an adequate time frame. It should cater to your sensibilities and should not put you under pressure due to any external factors (the kind of factors mentioned in the 1st point).
 * Write in detail about ‘why’ this whole thing is essential to you: I want you guys to come up with at least 10 reasons about this and then paste it somewhere where you can see it all the time. Up for this game?
 * How you would feel if you achieved your target: Are you going to be really happy from within if you accomplish this? If yes, then what are the changes that you might spot in your behaviour? How will you feel? Will you feel more generous, joyous, forgiving or just a bigger person from the inside? Food for thought! 🙂
 These questions might look silly, but they are not. If anything, these are powerful tools for inner reflection and rationality behind any goal. We all talk about how success is all about the mindset. Well, mindset is all about a deep honest ‘why’ behind your goals!

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