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Do we need to change the workout plan for every week ?

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Do we need to change the workout plan every week?

======================================== A lot of people do this mistake, they try to change the workout plan more frequently as they think it will give them more results, whereas the truth is it can be counterproductive and might hinder your progress. You should stick to the same workout plan for at least 8-12 weeks and progress on it. And also as you move gradually from beginner to intermediate to advance, it becomes even more difficult for you to progress further and then it's not required as such to change the workout plan to "shock" the body rather changing the volume /intensity can also work. Bottom line - Don't change your workout plans frequently !!

anshul kulshreshtha

if someone is doing same workout(few exercise changes and routine remains the same) from last 6 -8 months, is it mandatory to change it in order to progress(gain muscle, loose fat and gain more strength)?

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