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Do not get caught up with the scale!

Countless times I have seen people focusing too much on what they weigh and by having false expectations many get severely disappointed. Worst of all, many may even define themselves by what the weigh. Now, the scale is a great tool to utilise to track overall weight loss, especially if one is obese. The problem occurs when one may be stuck at the same weight for a period, or even increase their weight without understanding that they are actually making progress. Whether it is in performance, posture, overall wellbeing or muscle gain, these factors do not directly correlate with weight loss, they can even alter it.

Take muscle gain for an example, beginners will add on muscle mass faster than others and that can result in weight gain. Muscle is what we want, and in the long run having more muscle mass will result in better performance and a higher metabolic rate which helps you burn off unwanted fat. A good replacement for the scale to keep personal progress tracked could be done by body measurements which showcase a more accurate picture of any progress achieved. Another way could simply be by taking pictures of yourself under the same lightning or looking at yourself in the mirror. Find out what what YOU want to change about yourself and use body composition tools only as help, but do not let anything or anyone define you! Focus more on what you could not do yesterday! #Fittr #Iamfittr #Fittraustralia

Neha verma ahuja

same happens with me loosing inches but not weight images taken at same place with same light will shows a lot of difference.

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