Amogh Gadewar

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Do not be the Chatur Ramalingam of Fitness!!

So I have always advocated and taught my mentees to focus more on the process, performance and effort rather than results when it comes to fitness journeys. But it's our human nature that every single time, it's the results that motivates us and not the process.

Now everyone knows how important is your mental stability during any kind of fitness journey. Getting fit is a mind game. You got to trick your mind every single time throughout the process and keep going ahead. "But mujhe na results se hi motivation milta hai" Results aagye pehle to uske baad ane wale motivation ka Kya karoge kyuki results to aagye na bhai! "results nahi ate to mujhe kuch karneka man nahi karta" Results nahi aa rahe hai islie to kuch karna hai, results aagye to fir Kyu kuch karoge ?? "But itna mehnat Kar rahe hai, kuch toh result ana chaiye na" Iska Matlab chacha, tumhari mehnat Kam pad rahi hai, aur thodi mehnat Kar lo, shayad aa Jaye. Band hi Kar doge to kahase ayenge results ? Yaha "apna time ayega" nahi chalta. "Apna time Lana padta hai". "Kab Tak?" Jabtak goal na achieve ho jaye tabtak!! Then there are people who love to create challenges. Great ! I love challenges. "Mere na is mahine 5 kgs reduce hone hi chaiye" Ok, awesome ! But these are the people who mostly get disappointed because you got emotionally attached only with the outcome and not the input that was needed to get that particular outcome. Instead if the challenge was focused on the process, it would be like - "Abse har baar Mera yehi intention rahega ki mere diet me deviation 0 ho aur har din me apne workout me kuch na kuch improve jarur Karu" "week me roj 10k steps chalna hi hai" "Planks 3 mins karna hi hai" "50 pushups Marne hi hai" Don't you realise that setting targets and challenges on results was much more unrealistic and materialistic than setting targets and challenges on the process and performance ? Agar exam ke liye sab kuch padh liya ho, toh exam ka dar nahi rehta. But wahi agar 3 chapter skip karke ja rahe ho to ye dar jarur rehta hai ki usise na question aajaye. In the same way, if the process and performance is taken care of, results are automatically taken care of. You don't have to worry about the results then. Kabil bano, kamyabi jhak marke piche ayegi ! Perform Karo, fitness jhak marke piche ayegi !

Dr Rajani Meshram

nicely put Amogh

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