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Do I really need to take protein powder to build Muscles?

To answer this, first I will explain what protein powder is and if it is required or not.

When someone hear 'Protein Powder' they immediately think of something which is not natural and is lab made or is a steroid. I always ask people to at-least look into how protein powder is made before making any assumption. Protein powder which is most commonly available and which we see in big containers is usually Whey protein powder. Whey protein powder is manufactured from Milk. Milk is made up of two proteins, casein and whey. Whey protein is separated from the casein in milk as a by-product of cheese making. The whey is filtered to remove fat, carbohydrate, water, etc. Once filtered, the whey is spray dried into a powder. This is what we call as protein powder. Whey protein powder is completely natural and is like drinking processed milk like drinking skimmed milk we buy from store but it is spray dried and have majorly protein in it with other Nutrients filtered out. I suggest it to my clients only when they are unable to complete their protein intake. Now check how protein intake is related to Muscle development. Now the question is: Do I really need to take protein powder to build Muscles? Answer is simply ‘NO’. You need to focus on your total protein intake which you can cover from whole foods too. To build muscles, you need to train them with proper diet. Here with proper diet I mean diet that exceeds your maintenance calories by little and gives your adequate protein intake. So, in short you need to focus on completing your protein requirements to provide fuel for development of Muscles. You can complete this by eating protein rich foods like Dairy, Soy, Pulses Etc. and if you are unable to complete your protein requirement than you can opt for protein powders. What is this adequate amount of protein? As per current literature, 1.6*(Your lean mass in KG) protein in grams is enough for muscle building phase. For example, if your Weight is 100Kg and your body fat is 20% so your lean mass will be 80Kg. You will need min 80*1.6= 128g of protein for muscle building. So, if you want to build Muscles, you just have to focus on your total protein intake and if you can complete that by whole foods than you can totally skip Protein powders.

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