Do I need to reduce calorie intake as I age ?


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Dieting Psychology
Content by Akshita Arora

There is a change in our metabolism and physiology as we age. A lot of it has to do with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with age. Due to reduced activity levels in the elderly, the calorie requirement also reduces as compared to middle-aged people. Moreover, caloric restriction is the most effective proven way of prevention of chronic diseases and promoting healthy ageing (2). But we can still manage to maintain/improve our fitness with sufficient calories if we include some physical activity in our routine. Strength training is a great way to prevent our muscle mass loss and gain strength that can help us in increasing our activity level. This means calorie restriction with some physical activity level is the way of leading a healthy life as we age. Check out our Elderly health series on for more information about how to manage health as you age. Reference: 1. Ritz, P. (2001). Factors affecting energy and macronutrient requirements in elderly people. Public Health Nutrition, 4(2b), 561-568. 2. Roth, G. S., Ingram, D. K., & Lane, M. A. (1999). Calorie restriction in primates: will it work and how will we know?. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 47(7), 896-903.
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