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Do I go to gym only to maintain abs :

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Its been 10 years I am working out and thats the most common question I come across. People ask me what do I achieve after this 90 mins. workout session or for how long I am planning to do it, may be 2 years, 3 years or 5 years max. Well NO, i don't go to gym only to maintain my muscles or to be in good shape. Thats obviously one of the reasons but there is a lot that I have learned in my life because I have been working out consistently from years. Also its not about me only, everyone who is doing it from years will agree to it. 1. Patience - Because you cannot gain 20 Kgs weight in 6 months. It took me years of Patience. I used to lift 10 kg barbell rod for bench press and now my warm up set is with 60 kgs. Its been a long journey. 2. Time Management - I work for almost 15-16 hours in a day but still manage my workout. I stopped making excuses years ago and now make sure my time is managed well, so it doesn't affect my routine. 3. Openness To Learning - After 10 years also I consider myself a novice at gym. Everyday I try to learn atleast one new thing that will help me grow or will help others. 4. Team Work - Have you ever noticed that your performance is always better when you are working out with your fitness buddy? It surely teaches us how to work in a team efficiently. 5. Resilience - I tried lifting 150 Kgs deadlift today and failed miserably but I didn't give up. I will go back there again and again and will keep trying unless I will lift it. Fitness makes you much more stronger mentally than you can think of. Hope this will answer the question that what you can achieve in this Journey 😊
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