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Do Compression Garments work?

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Do compression garments work? by Praveen Budhrani

Praveen Budhrani Compression Garments have been commonly used by professional athletes and recreational lifters. The companies manufacturing compression garments often claim that they help improve performance and aid recovery. Let’s find out whether we have any evidence to back the claim Objectively speaking compression garments have no direct benefits when it comes to Muscle strength, Sprint time, and Plyometric performance, however, it does seem to improve our perception of recovery and soreness. [1]. Further, one study found that applying high-pressure compression compared to low-pressure compression on the lower body helped improve knee extension output and jump height [2]. There are few other researches, however nothing that shows any significance on performance and recovery, hence it will be very difficult to provide any concrete conclusions. Anecdotally speaking, sometimes compression garments do provide a “feel-good factor” psychologically, which may help to get that little extra push to do harder at the gym. Considering the availability of affordable good quality apparel in the market, we may give it a try and see if that makes a difference to you. Tell us about your experience with compression garments in the comments section. Reference [1] Duffield, R., Cannon, J., & King, M. (2010). The effects of compression garments on recovery of muscle performance following high-intensity sprint and plyometric exercise. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 13(1), 136-140. [2] Hill, J., Howatson, G., Van Someren, K., Gaze, D., Legg, H., Lineham, J., & Pedlar, C. (2017). The effects of compression-garment pressure on recovery after strenuous exercise. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 12(8), 1078-1084.


Thanks for another beautiful article. For men, any evidence on not using tight garment during weight training causes hernia in longer run?

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