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Discipline Over Motivation

Of the many reasons, people come up with for not being able to start or continue their fitness journey; the most common reason is lack of motivation. People are looking for motivation from a number of sources to achieve their goals. 

What exactly happens when you rely on an external source of motivation? You watch a motivational video, hear a talk, read a text, a story and you are all set to go but for how long? How long do you think that motivation will last? I guess we all have the answer to that, it will just fizzy off, like a soda out of the bottle. As a child how many of us were exactly motivated to go to school every day? Not many, right? But we still went every single day and did what we were supposed to do, I think as we grow up we start lacking in that magic called discipline, When you use to start a thing and keep doing it every single day not overanalyzing everything. For their fitness goals, I have seen people chasing after a perfect nutrition plan, perfect workout plan but they never start, or even if they start they stop in between citing one reason or other or if nothing else then good old lack of motivation. There is no perfect plan, the best plan is to start now and start doing it every single day, some days will be good, some will be not so good, but who will do what is required to be done every single day will achieve it eventually what he/she aspires for! It’s Discipline over motivation every single time! 

Saurabh Nanda


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