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Different ways to improve sleep

Sleep plays an important role in our everyday activity, physical performance, muscle growth, health, and wellness, preserve greater muscle mass when we are in deficit etc. Lack of sleep may impact our day in a negative way. It may affect our focus, thinking ability, work, physical performance, may cause mood swings. So a good sleep is required for all of these reasons and adults may need 7-8 hours of sleep every day and this may vary according to the individual. Also sleeping at nights according to circadian rhythms is important. Now we are going to discuss a few ways that help us to improve our sleep.

Avoid caffeine close to 4-6 hours of bedtime as it is a stimulant which can interfere with your sleep. So be cautious about consuming coffee or pre-workouts prior to bedtime. Increase in bright light exposure during the daytime will positively impact your sleep at night by maintaining the circadian rhythm healthy. Avoid the electronic devices which pose blue light during the night times. It negatively impacts the circadian rhythm by tricking to think that it is still the day. You can use glasses or apps that block blue light. Though small naps during the day may help you keep you active, the longer naps and daytime sleep may impact your night sleep. Supplementing with melatonin which is a keep sleep hormone may help us to improve our sleep quality and fall asleep faster. Body temperature plays a key role in sleep so maintain the bedroom cool which helps in better sleep. A high carb meal prior to bedtime may help in better sleep cause of tryptophan hormone which can make you feel tired. Exercise has shown to improve the sleep well and reduce the symptoms of insomnia. Keep yourself hydrated but don’t drink too much of water prior to bed which wakes you run to the washroom at night. If you are a person who works at shifts: • Take naps and improve the sleep time. • Maintain bright lights at work. • Limit shift changes which affect circadian rhythm. • Maintain dark and pleasant bedroom during the daytime when you sleep.
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