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Different training splits! 😁

Exercise Science
Full body training split - In this training split you train all major muscles per workout session per week. If you are a beginner at the gym/strength training then this is the right approach to start with. Due to the high frequency, it gives an opportunity for beginners to practice various movements and learn the posture of basic exercises.

Upper body and Lower body training split - This training split allows you to focus equally on the upper body and lower body muscles with more volume. This is a good split for beginners and for those who start after a long break. This type of training routine also works best for females due to high frequency as females recover faster than males. Push Pull Leg training split - One of the best ways to train! An amazing training split for all level of athletes. Why? This training split not only helps you focus on the frequency but also on other training variables like volume, intensity etc. This split can be used in different ways to focus on various goals such as power, strength, hypertrophy etc. Traditional training - The most common ways to train by focusing on one or two muscle group per day by maximizing volume for each muscle but decreasing the frequency at the same time. Considered by many as the only way to train. #mythbusted #coach #onlinecoach #nutritionconsultant #nutritionist #teamsquats #squatsdotin #wolfpack #squatsgagementz #Fitness #Bodybuilding #FitFluential #Gym #Strength #Power
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