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Difference between Pocket Money and Salary

Do you remember at the age of 10-11 when you got the permission to spend money on your own? What was your salary then?

Wait what??? You didn't have a salary? Ohh yeah... You received a limited amount of pocket money... And still had an answerability to parents about where the money was going!!! But why not salary then? Lets try to understand that... So when you were at age of 10-12 and you got money for the first time and you were very enthusiastic to purchase your dream things. BUT, your mom was always watching you what you are purchasing. Asking what and why you have purchased. That was painful dealing with her, that even though that money is meant for you, you have to explain why and what you have purchased. Its kind of stricter situation to be at. Fast forward, 20 years... Now you are earning, momma is happy that you are successful and managing the expenses very well. But hey, wait... She does not bother about your spendings anymore. She does not watch and scold you for your spendings now. What changed? Why she is not worried about where you spend money, what you purchased as she was when you first got money? It's experience and maturity what you got. Now your momma is very sure that you are mature enough that you can handle your finances well and she does not need to look upon you every time. She knows that you will not be burning whole money in your dream things, rather you will be spending responsibly on necessities along with only small part for entertainment. So you see the role that "pocket money" played? It taught you to be conscious and aware of where every penny went! But wait, why I am telling you this when it has to be related to fitness? But can you see a Patten? Tell me what you understand...before I post the concluding part of this article. If you still didn't guessed intent behind this nostalgia, let's explain how it relate to your fitness journey. We always see that when we start dieting and we feel that why can't we eat freely without tracking and progress when we start our diet. But it's always beneficial to be strict(sure, you can start with flexible approach but chances of failing it initially is very high considering less knowledge of nutrition) with diet initially and follow as what is planned initially. This is important to learn the basics of nutrition so that you can apply those to sustain the fitness as lifestyle. Consider this time as your momma watching you and want you learn basics, so that you don't get derail in future and able to follow diet maturely and sustain the results for long time. This will help you manage calories responsibly on necessities and taste, since we don't burn our whole salary in weekend party right? Did we? 😁😁😁 Mindful learning in initial times is what will make you better planner in future. I hope this make sense

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gr8 way to explain

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