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Diets based on Fixed Carbs, Fats, Protein Ratio

Diets Based on fixed Carbs:Fats: Protein Ratio

by Anshul dhamande There are many diets that have specific ratios of Carbs, Fats, and Proteins. But, do they provide better results? Let’s explore... Low Carb Diet The Low Carb diet follows a fixed ratio of 25% calorie intake from carbohydrates, 40% from Protein, and the rest 35% from Fat. For a 2000 kcal diet, low carb diet dictates 200 g of protein every day. This is too high for most people and many people find it difficult to follow and eventually give up. A study that compared high carb diet vs low carb diet, noted no significant difference in fat loss between both (1) Zone diet The zone diet dictates 40% of calories to come from carbohydrates and 30% from protein and fats. It claimed to reduce inflammation and increase fat loss. There has been no significant research in support of this. Keto The ketogenic diet eliminates carbohydrates almost completely. Carbohydrates make up just 5% of the total calories, while 70% comes from fat and the rest 25% from protein. There have been much debate and claims regarding higher weight loss and fat utilization in the Keto diet. But, the difference in weight is due to the loss of water from the reduced carbohydrate intake. This ‘water’ weight comes back quickly once the keto diet is over. Conclusion. Irrespective of the diet and ratio, it has been widely proven that a deficit is crucial for fat loss. Use the guidelines below to formulate your diet plan - Create a small deficit from actual maintenance (Not by calculators). Protein should be at least 0.8 g - 1g per kg for those with less activity, and 1.6 g - 1.8 g per kg for those who have high training intensity. 20-30% of total calories should come from fat and the rest from carbohydrates. The ratio can change depending on the person. 1.Gardner, C. D., Trepanowski, J. F., Del Gobbo, L. C., Hauser, M. E., Rigdon, J., Ioannidis, J. P., ... & King, A. C. (2018). Effect of low-fat vs low-carbohydrate diet on 12-month weight loss in overweight adults and the association with genotype pattern or insulin secretion: the DIETFITS randomized clinical trial. Jama, 319(7), 667-679.

Namrata Vichare

nicely written and explained....but...create a deficit from actual maintenance..not by calculator... means what?

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