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Dieting Psychology

In today's world, Patience plays a very vital role, and everyone wants some quick fixes to look good and achieve their goals, be it earning money or achieving their dream physique. Understand, there are no quick fixes for anything, you need to trust the process and be consistent throughout the journey. Often clients ask, Should I go for some weight loss pills? Should I have some detoxes/cleanses? Should I have additional green teas to burn excess belly fat? People just look for shortcuts when it comes to fat loss. There are so many products being promoted in the market which can actually confuse you. Be it right or wrong, helpful or not, you cannot stop their business. All you need to do is be smart and just understand the basics of nutrition and weight training and educate yourself. Now here's the thing, all these weight loss products often simply dehydrate you causing you to lose your water weight that will definitely bounce back when you rehydrate yourself. No fat is burned during this process. So the bottom line is, there's no point focusing over these products and waste your time and money. Instead just follow a proper quantified structured calorie deficit diet, follow a good training plan, sleep like a baby and understand the real recipe to achieve your goals is patience and consistency. So do you have any kind of addiction to these Fad weight loss products? 😜

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