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Dieting Psychology
Dieting is not just about science.

How many times have you started a diet and failed? Diets fail not only because of scientific reasons like big or prolonged deficits which affect your physiology, but also because of behavioural and psychological reasons too. Most of the people start dieting with a mindset that they want to reach a specific body weight. They start with a mindset that this diet is better than that. Or they think, since they have messed up their one meal which has ruined their progress, they can ruin the entire diet. If you have doing all these things you don’t have to get sad and feel guilty about it. Even I have been there. Nobody is perfect and there is always a scope to improve. When I started dieting for the first time, I wanted to lose all the weight overnight and wanted to look like those Instagram model in just 12 weeks, which left me all burnt out. So, today I’ll share what has helped me to overcome all these things and which can also help you to achieve your fitness goals successfully. First of all, stop looking things in black and white. There is no one diet which is superior to any other diet. Things are always contextual. If you messed up your one meal in a day remind yourself, you have still got other meals and get back on track. Just because you have punctured one tyre of your bike mistakingly, that doesn't mean you need to puncture another one too. Learn to forgive yourself and don't get into that binge cycle. Rather than worrying about how fast you can lose weight or how much you can lose weight, start thinking about what can help you to enjoy this transformation journey. Focus more on being consistent in whatever uoubare doing. You can never adhere to anything for a long period, if you don’t enjoy doing it. In short develope some virtues as habits. * Self-forgiveness * Patience * Consistency * Celebration of whatever you are doing. You know all these things, you just need to remind yourself this again. Remember you are awesome. Cheers!
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