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Dieting Essentials: Energy Balance - First step into the modern fitness era!

It is all about getting the right balance in life. Well not if you’re trying to lose fat or gain weight. It is very important to understand the concept of energy balance before you step into a fitness journey with a goal to lose fat or gain weight.

Energy balance refers to the difference between the calories input/intake and calories output/expenditure. Most commonly referred to as ‘calories in, calories out’. Knowing the concept can help you determine your starting point. Energy Balance = Calorie Input/Intake - Calories Output/Expenditure Energy balance and Weight change! Perfect energy balance When your calorie intake = calorie expenditure, then you are at a state of perfect energy balance. This is where you want to be when you are at a weight maintenance stage. Positive energy balance (calorie surplus) If you wish to gain weight then this is the stage where you want to be. Your calorie intake > calorie expenditure to achieve a positive energy balance to gain weight. Negative energy balance (calorie deficit) Wish to lose fat and get lean? Then work towards creating a negative energy balance where your calorie intake < calorie expenditure.

Kim Sondhi Khanna

Is calorie expenditure counted only on basis of any kind of workout or it is a sum of all the activities you do in a day?

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