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Dieting During Diwali

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It's that time of the year, DIWALI! Before you go off track from diet and eat all the fried stuff and sweets, here are some strategies you can follow to stay on track!

1.) Try fasting most of the day, some of you may like this, others might find it mentally taxing. If it’s something that fits you and you can sustain without food during the day then this works well! Prioritize water intake during a fast. 2.) Track what you plan to eat going into the day, no you won’t be accurate but you can at least get a ballpark number and have a baseline to a workaround that day. 3.) Moderation is the key, even though you will be fasting through the day that does not mean you can eat loads of sweets and fried food, eat in moderation. Limit your intake of high-calorie food as much possible and eat only till you feel full not like that there's no tomorrow. 4.) If you are someone who can not resist sweets and end up eating a complete box of sweets then try to buy a limited amount of sweets or just one type of sweets, generally just for the sake of trying a different kind of sweets people overeat them. Also, eat sweets like a "prasad", not the main course 5.) Post or Before the Diwali, you can reduce your calories A BIT just to equate your weekly calories. That cut should be from carbs or fats, not protein. Again, you will not be knowing the exact excess calories consumed but this can reduce the difference. Even though eating mindlessly one day will not derail your progress drastically but it can have a post binging effect. One binge leads to another and this vicious cycle carries on. Soon enough, you are back to where you started. Happy Diwali Everyone!!


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