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Dieting at a Restaurant

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This is a pretty common query that we get how to manage diet while going to a restaurant. So here is the answer -

1. Google the restaurant menu BEFORE you go to the restaurant. Decide what you want to eat and accordingly try to adjust that day calorie, obviously, you will not be knowing the exact calories but you will be having something to workaround 2.Sequence what you eat. Eat the protein (grilled chicken, eggs, etc) and vegetables first, eat them SLOWLY. Along with that try to order a big portion of vegetables in case you are already pretty hungry. 3. Eat a little protein or vegetable snack before you go. A small salad or small chicken breast or even a small sandwich again, you’ll be surprised how much less you end up eating. 4. Avoid any drinks or shakes with your meal, they will not fill you up but mostly high in calories. Better, stick to normal water You can go anywhere and anytime while still adhering to your fitness goals. It’s all about planning and developing strategies that work for you. These strategies will not only help you in that one outing but helps you adhere to the diet in the long term. Just because you have to eat out and was unavoidable should not be the excuse to mess up your diet. Cheers!

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