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Dieting And Festivals: How To Manage?

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Festivals are around the corner and if you are worried about your weight? Here are a few things that may help you in getting through this seemingly tough situation:

- Watch out your calories: Stick To the Given Calories And Protein Intake. But make right food choices. Eating mindfully and having foods that are already a part of your diet like daal, rice, paneer and doing portion control is always a better option.You can slightly increase your caloric intake and eat around your maintenance calories if you want to eat 1-2 sweets and have some great time with friends and family 🙂 - Stay more active: Continue with your workout if possible. If the gym is closed the you can walk more steps, help your mom/wife in diwali shopping and house cleaning. You would burn more calories and your family would love you 😀 - Have Fun: Don’t stress out too much about your calories, workout etc. You can modify your diet and have your favourite foods. Even if you have gone slightly here and there, that’s okay. A piece of laddu won’t harm as eating the entire box of sweets would do (so no binging). And there is absolutely no need to go into guild trip and punish yourself with hrs of cardio post the festivities. You are a human, not a machine. Take it easy, manage well, enjoy life and get back to the normal routine 😛
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