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Dieting Psychology

Have you ever realized why your diet is not working? Let's understand, it's all about your mindset. Till the time you see fat loss as something which has to be followed for a temporary period of time, you will just fail every single time. The most important thing you need to understand when it comes to your fitness goals is dieting isn't for a 12weeks or 24 weeks period, it's a never-ending process. All you need to do is to maintain a healthy relationship with whatever you eat and stick to the basics in your daily schedule. To explain with an example, If you start your journey and achieve your dream physique, you cannot fall back into your unhealthy eating patterns again and expect to maintain your weight, it's as simple as that. If it happens, then you are just going to keep on gaining. That's the reason you need to maintain it and make it your lifestyle. It might sound stupid and people might wonder and say " am I going to eat this diet food always till I die ?" Hello, you need to eat right and not restrictive, understand the difference between clean and junk, calculate and understand what your body needs, keep a track of your progress and keep moving day by day and make it a habit. You will get permanent changes with the eating habits which you can sustain for a longer run. So the bottom line is, There is no end date or any expiry date to a diet, Your body will change when your habits will change, so just love the process and make it as a lifestyle. Cheers, Keep grinding 💪 #Onelifebaby

Kalavati Sambrekar

well said it's a never ending process....thank you

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