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If you are planning your pregnancy then for all the ladies it is important to adopt healthy eating habits to aim for a healthy pregnancy. The nutrition rich food is required for the proper development of the embryo and keeping hormone levels in check. Following are certain guidelines to follow when it comes to getting prepared for the pregnancy: ☞Proteins: Do not neglect protein. Take proteins in each meal. The sources are fish, chicken, eggs, paneer, nuts, soya, lentils, whey etc. ☞Omege-3 Fatty Acids: Include them in your diet which will ensure the development of embryo. The sources are fish oil capsules, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts etc. ☞Body fat%: Bring your body fat between 20-25% for a healthy pregnancy and to stay away from gestational diabetes. ☞Food Restrictions: Avoid high calorie food items like fast foods (Pizza, Burgers, deep fried items), soft drinks, sugary items etc. ☞ Alcohol & Smoking: Minimise these addictions before pregnancy since their adverse effect on fetal development is yet unknown.
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