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Diet without the food weighing scale ?

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Can you follow a diet without the use of food weighing scale?

====================================== We get this query a lot of times that is it possible to follow a diet without the help of food weighing scale. Well, the answer is yes you can but there is a some major drawback. So how to do it, use food items that you can count for example - eggs, cheese slices, a packet of oats, whey protein, milk/curd/yogurt packets, bread slices, protein bars/snacks. Now, you might be the thinking that is pretty small list and yes that is the problem right here you need to stick to these food items and there can not be many variations in these. Because of the restrictions on food choices, adherence level might go down too. So bottom line, it's better to stick to measuring food using food weighing scale, to ease things you can use cup measurements sometimes. Use the above method only in certain situation like - travel where you don't have access to food weighing scale Cheers !!


Do we have to use weighing scale for lifetime?

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