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Diet planning and making it easier to follow

When you have motivation to follow diet then you will be ready to follow the toughest of the diet. But what if after a month when you don't know how to sustain the diet for longer time? What if you have you chosen a Keto diet and unable to follow after couple of weeks because your lifestyle did not allow you to do so.

I found that there are few things which you can modify in your dieting strategy which will make diet not only simpler but stress free. Most of the time I have seen that people take lots of added stress just because they are on "DIET". So why not make it simpler s that it did not stress yo much? There are few things which you can make changes in your diet and some changes in lifestyle which can make diet just an another thing in day today life. Lets look at it: ✔️ Keep the diet simple, simple is effective : Overly complex diet will always cause an issue in adherence. For example, you have so many things to eat that may cause the issues to overly stress out procuring things and keeping track of many things. Keep less food items and which you can not have any issues procuring. Like for me I rely on dal rice for night. For protein eggs and soya, etc. This not only keeps my diet simple but also ensure that I get these food items in my day today life easily. ✔️ Plan your diet beforehand: Its always prudent to plan your days/week ahead in advance. This way the slippage from the plan can be tackled. Like if you plan to have a weekend party ahead then planning that week is good way to avoid the weekend damages as well. Similarly, if the travel is ahead then prepping meals for that can be done if we plan ahead of that time. ✔️ Chose food items wisely: I felt that I was unable to cook much for diet because of time constraints I have chosen food items which is not complex to cook and takes minimum time to prepare tasty meals. This way I can make sure that even if I have other job to do and unable to prep meals I can select things which can be prepared in couple of minutes. For example, having eggs, bread and cheese makes my life easier since it did not take much efforts to make it and less chances I can deviate from the diet. Additionally, I can get these items locally even if I am unable to prepare those some day. So you see, win win situation 😁 ✔️ Have a rough assessment of quantity on plate : Try assessing the approximate food quantity on your plate when you are following strict diet. This will help you gauge the food items when you don't have any way to measure food. For example, let say if your diet says 50 gms of rice and 100 gms of chicken breast. Try to assess and eyeball "How that food quantity looks on the plate". This visual assessment will help you estimate the quantity when there is situation you cannot measure food then you can use visual que to guide you for food. ✔️ Meal prep for a week: If you don't have enough time to cook on daily basis, try prepping meal on weekends for a week ahead and stack it in freezer. That way you ensure the minimum deviations from diet. ✔️ Use dieting technique to best of their use: You can incorporate the dieting strategy to the best and get the better sustainably. Like if you are sure that you can get high fatty things and high protein easily as your lifestyle support and you have adherence issues then chosing Keto can be helpful to adhere to diet. If, there is a night shift so an intermittent fasting window can easily cover the night and sleep time, that way you can ensure that whatever food you have you are eating in your awake time. Thus chosing a dieting strategy sometimes can be beneficial for following diet. (These are just example, chose the strategy based on your case) Let me know what all small hacks you do to better adhere to diet? I will definitely try to use it if I could 😁

Vijay Balaji

I'm following LCD, and when it's time to update chart for upcoming week by increasing 100 cals and if I feel lazy, I'll just add up 11 ml of ghee or oil for the day and will be preparing the chart before EOD ☺️.... I'm sure many of u will be doing it too.

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