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Diet forever

Do you have to follow the diet forever?

=================================== "kya ye diet zindagi bhar krna padega" "Kya mai kabhi party me kuch kha nhi paungi/paunga" "Normal khana kab se start kr skti/skta hun" Sounds familiar ? Before or just after starting the diet some people have this doubt. Obviously, you will again gain back if you go back to your previous eating habits and that's the reason why you gained in the first place . >>So the first step is to work on habits and build good eating habits and an active lifestyle. Of course, that can not happen overnight, it will take time and as much time you give yourself it will be better. >> As you build up those good habits, it will become easier for you not just to lose weight but to maintain it over time. Maintaining your fitness is a very important aspect >> Yes, you can enjoy social gatherings and parties completely once in a while but rest of the days you should follow a proper diet and preferably any physical activity. >> Change your point of view with regards to diet, if you are asking above questions it means your perspective of diet is these words restrictive, exclusive, rigid, hard etc, whereas it's not like that diet meaning itself is a way of life. Whereas following a diet should be your second nature and that can be done by including food items on which you can sustain and try to make your diet interesting by using different recipes. Make your diet "the nomal khana" >>Make long term target, always give yourself ample amount of time for your fitness goal, so that you will get sustainable results. You should reach that point where getting back to previous routine becomes difficult

Sharib Habib

I heard somewhere that never say you're on a diet, because that means someday you'll be off the diet. Always say i am following a healthy lifestyle and then you'll live a fit and happy life.

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