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Diet During Winters!!

Diet During Winters!!

When the weather is chilling, when there is fog everywhere and when you are not ready to step out of your blanket, all you want is some hot pakodas and tea. And the cravings are at the peak at this time of the year.. Well, this happens with each of us. We are more hungry in winters than in any other TIME of the year. And THEN the result is visible when the weather changes . When we need to remove those extra layers of clothes, we see all those extra layers of fats!! Now we are left with our favourite friend..GUILT!! So,I thought to help you to be away from this GUILT and enjoy the weather together with a healthy lifestyle. What can you do to help youself during Winters, so that you don't gain? Do not punish yourself. You should eat when you are hungry, rather than starving. Eating actually gives warmth. But decide wisely what you should eat. Here are some handy easy tips!! ✓ Keep yourself around maintenance calories, so that you have enough food to eat. ✓Do not be on too much deficit, because to satisfy your cravings you will have something or the other and that will shoot up the calories. ✓ Have enough of carbs, include fruits too. It will help you to get rid of the sweet cravings. ✓Make something winter friendly quantified like pinni or tilkut etc with some nuts and adjust it into your plan. ✓ Add enough milk in your plan, so that you can enjoy tea or coffee whenever you feel cold. ✓Have warm water, so that you can complete your water intake. ✓ Have enough of green vegetables to keep yourself full. ✓You can add soups!! Try new varieties every day.. This will keep you warm n full. Happy Winters!!

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