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Diet break vs Cheating on diet

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Diet break vs cheating on diet

We are human and we require change. Even the most consistent people require change / breaks and that is not bad. Diet breaks - Diet breaks isn’t cheating. When you have achieved your short term targets or dieted for a solid 24-30 weeks , you can reward your body with a Diet break. A Diet break would be a process where you won’t be looking at calories and would be enjoying the food you like whilst preparing your mind to set into the new dieting block. Diet break can be anywhere between 5-10 days depending on factors like - A. At what condition (body fat% ) did you decide to take a Diet break. B. For how long have you dieted (If you feel you need a Diet break after 6-8 weeks of dieting , you need to update your mindset.) C. Ask yourself following questions before taking a diet break - Have you achieved your short term goals or a decent conditioning, that you plan a diet break? - Will you be able to get back to dieting after the diet break? IF the answer of any one question is “No” then refrain from having a diet break. I have seen people fall just when they were galloping because they made a wrong decision at a wrong time and then failed to make a comeback. Diet breaks are good if they help you focus/ maintain consistency in your next dieting phase. They enhance your consistency if planned correctly. On the other hand Cheating on diet is such a condition where most of us hold a degree(if there was one) I would like to share an incident A friend of mine was following a quantified diet but failed to lose weight. I was sure that he didn’t stick to the given macros . So I gave him a call and re checked with him wether everything was followed , to which he firmly replied,”yes everything was followed from the past 10 days without any deviation .” I still was skeptical about his statement. So I started naming food and some events that might have occurred. Here is a conversation that happened Arsh-“Accha peechle 10 din me koi biscuit khaya tha kya “ Friend - “ha, subha chai peeta hu, uske sath 2 biscuits khata hu” Arsh- “Tabyat theek the naa last 10 days me , Bimar toh nai the naa?” Friend- “ek din body ache the , toh Mene ek chota cup soup peeya tha.” Arsh- “ghr pe kese ka birthday ya koi function toh nai tha” Friend-“ Ha mere betay ka birthday tha, but aapko jan k khushi hoge Mene bus ek piece cake khaya.” Arsh- “koi travel hua tha kya peechle dino?” Friend - “Ha ,me office k kaam se ek din bahar gaya tha but waha pe Mene kuch extra nai khaya but wo daal me kitna ghee/oil use hua hai meko idea nai hai.” So with this conversation my friend was a firm believer of “yes, everything was followed from the past 10 days without any deviation.” My point here is , there are some situations where we feel we have followed everything but there are deviations. Where I find the above thing as deviation, my friend feels there is no deviation. So we both aren’t on the same page. Synchronising the thoughts are important to plan out the next steps. So my friend was unknowingly cheating on his diet. The brutal truth is our body doesn’t care wether it’s your son’s birthday or you are on a travel. It only knows calories in v/s calories out. I in no sense am trying to say that we should boycott calorie dense food what l try to say is that we should make an analysis on true and fair basis and work towards our goal. Here in pictures I am enjoying my DIET BREAK with my momma after I had dropped down my fat to single digit and won a couple of competitions. I dieted for 5-6 months before I decided to take a diet break. And trust me I kept reminding myself that I need to get back bigger and stronger in next block. If 5-6 days of diet break (after I have achieved my short term goals) helps me maintain my diet for next 4-5 months then diet break is good. No one has achieved anything without planning. Plan out the process and enjoy the journey. Attached below is the conditioning which I achieved before I took a diet break. The entire process of getting to this conditioning took me 7 months AFTER TRAINING FOR 8-9 YEARS. 🔥🦁🙏

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Boss let me confess the example you qouted I felt it's me only😜.And conditioning requires 8 to 9 yes of tapasya Aailaaa...

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