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Did you gain weight overnight? 🤔🤔

Let me explain you. Body weight is one of the important factors to analyze your progress, But people start getting dependent on the scale which is very wrong. Just understand weight is just a number and nothing else. Often clients keep checking their weight frequently and start believing as if that's the only tool left in this world for tracking your progress. But let me tell you, your weight on a single day won't decide your overall progress. Example, you may have weighed yourself today early morning and noticed a spike of about 1-1.5 kgs than yesterday and in panic mode assumed that it is pure fat. No ! This is not what happened. ❌ The 1-1.5kgs gain has nothing to do with fats. It is just an extra amount of water and food in your belly which is yet to get disposed of from your waste products. Just stick to the plan, continue with your nutrition and exercise routine and that weight will definitely go away. ✅ The problem is people start getting on a wrong track in such a situation by doing excessive cardio, creating huge calorie deficit or just quitting the entire diet. So the conclusion is: • Weight is just a number and it will keep on fluctuating because of many reasons. • Never depend on the scale always. • Weigh yourself early morning empty stomach after your bowel movements. • Focus on things you can control i.e your nutrition and training consistency. So do you freak out if you see gain in your weight? 😜

nisha aggarwal

no, I won't freak out😊

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