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Did you gain weight overnight ?

Did you gain weight overnight ?

========================================So yesterday was your anniversary or your office party or you attended an amazing wedding with 20 Cuisines and 100 dishes. You tried but was not able to control yourself and had a hefty meal, tried 4-5 sweet dishes and hell yeah! It was a great night. But today morning when you checked your weight and it was up by 1.25 KGs. Damn, you gained so much fat by just 1 good meal. Your all the progress is wasted, now you will have to fast for days to get back to earlier weight because you gained so much fat. Right? WRONG! As fat loss does not take place in a day the same is with fat gain. The increase in weight due to a single cheat meal or a day of not calculated meals is majorly water weight. You need not fast or put special efforts to get back to earlier weight. Just get back to your diet as soon as possible and remember from next time this kind of cheat can SLOW DOWN YOUR PROGRESS.

Rajeev Venkitaraman

Don’t cheat.. 😉

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