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Fitness Myths
Detox kale juice

Detox tea Detox diet Detox cucumber water . What the hell....even today, where there’s so much evidence based information available how do people still end up believing this kind of information? . LISTEN UP!! Your organs like kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, intestines- all these have been safely placed inside your body to assist you throw out the toxins out of your body. . Also, if any of these organs are unhealthy, still the detox drinks, pills, diets aren’t going to do anything. Go to the doctor asap! #detox #detoxdrink #kalejuice #cucumberjuice #detoxdiet #fitnessdrinks

Manish Divan

detoxing is really needed or it is only myths? as per my understanding only sufficient amount of water is needed there is no advantage of kakuma or something for detoxing. am I correct?

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