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Depression A matter of concern

Depression is more than just low spirits or general sadness. And there can be many reasons one experiences depression. It can be negative effect of some medication, loss of loved ones, genetics, uncertain event, incurable illness, substance or any kind of abuse etc-etc. If you have a feeling that you are suffering from it never ignore it or just don’t look for simple pep talk or motivational videos. It needs to be addressed properly Reach out for professional help; there are many treatments and therapies available. Along with therapy and sometimes medication, there are things you can do on your own to fight back.

My heart bleeds when I hear a teenager who is trying to cope up with the peer pressure/ competition or parent’s unreasonable expectations or a youth trying to establish & prove himself or someone in his/her middle age, well settled but looking for some purpose in life, a woman losing body confidence post child birth, struggling with hormonal changes or during menopause, drifting into depression. Each of us looking for solutions, finding happiness in things, sedatives, shopping & what not, but in this quest of finding happiness , falling downward spiral into depression. Our brain is a complex structure. Thoughts, imaginations are few of its natural processes & that’s why it keeps wandering all the time. Only thing that is certainly we can control is our body. It’s easier to train your body rather than controlling mind. If you ever have noticed when your posture is right, head is held high and you are relaxed, there is no room for negative thoughts. You start feeling better. So make a conscious effort and start working on your body. We are no ordinary species, inside us we are exploding with energy but unable to channelize or manage well. Start any kind of physical activity, that increases your heart rate, run, brisk walk (avoid slow gossip walks), any sport that you enjoy or don’t enjoy but physically challenges you. Science has also shown there is a vital link between physical fitness and cognitive ability. Your brain will often signal you to fight or flight, choose the first one. Read about brain food, gather knowledge on nutrition, over the time your brain will have no choice but to surrender to you. Now you can tame this wild horse with meditation and control it. Broad idea is, control and train your body your mind will follow. Believe you me, it’s worth trying. :)

Alka rao yadav

Hi Abhishek, list is long where most of macro & micro nutrition affect mental health. So eating nutrients dense food is important. Carbs in human been found to affect mood & behaviour. Protein - Amino acids can affect the brain functioning. Many of neurotransmitter in brain are made from amino acids. Food with Omega 3 B complex Vit b12 folate , calcium, chromium , iodine ( very important) ,Iron , selenium, Zinc. These levels are found lower in people with clinical depression.

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