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DELOAD TO RELOAD - MENTAL & PHYSICAL BREAK FROM TRAINING ✅ Are you one of those who are reluctant to take a de-load week? Do you feel like de-loading is going to stop you from making the progress you want because you aren’t training hard enough? 🤷 De-loading is not taking a week off training. De-loading is simply reducing the total amount of load that the body is exposed to. The reduction in volume and intensity gives your body and mind a break from the rigors of hard training. TYPES OF DELOAD? 1️⃣VOLUME DELOAD - A Volume Deload involves reducing the amount of volume you do, but maintaining the intensity you normally use in your workouts. 2️⃣ FULL DELOAD - A Full Deload involves lowering training volume and intensity. 3️⃣ SELECTIVE DELOAD - A Selective Deload involves reducing volume and intensity on a single exercise that you’re no longer progressing on while keeping all other aspects of your training the same. Learn to love the De-Load! 💯 Questions? Comment down and I will try to answer them. #fittr #motivation #fittrcoach #quantifiednutrition #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #diet #nutrition #training #fitfam #fitnesscoaching #fitnesscoach #fit #gym #fatloss #transformation #instafit #consistency #strengthtraining
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