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Dealing with muscle soreness!

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The great paradox in life is that first, we have to break ourselves entirely to make ourselves whole again.

Too Preachy?! Let me rephrase that in the context of fitness. To build strong muscles, we have to break them down first. And when muscles rebuild, there lies the miracle. To do that we have to work out and with optimum intensity. And then follows DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) or as some of you call it “Sir, ab 1 week gym nahi ho paayega, can’t move!” We have all been in that place where we have given everything on 1st day of workout, or we have resumed the sessions after a vacation, or we have amped up the volume radically. And afterwards, we ‘ve not been able to lift even a glass of water or even sit without screaming. To be honest, soreness is not bad. It peaks within 48- or 72-hours post-workout and subsides in 2-3 days. (Beginner! You have to know that it’s normal.) But, if it is too sore, we’ve got to check whether it’s a pain, injury or maybe even ‘Rhabdomyolysis’ (A syndrome in which overworked muscle fibres die and release protein myoglobin into the bloodstream leading to kidney damage). In such cases, do consult a doctor ASAP. What causes it? Well, any physical stress out of our normal intensity, anything that we aren’t used to. How can we deal with it? Once you confirm that it is soreness and that too ‘What the hell was I thinking’ kind, then you can use the following points to understand and address it. 1) Time heals everything: If it is soreness, you have to know that it will subside within 2-4 days. That does not mean that you have to skip the gym. On the contrary, you have to keep training. Frequency helps actually. 2) Try light movements: Activity improves blood circulation and speeds up the repair process. Again, the keyword is ‘light’. A gentle activity like walking or a bit of light stretching. 3) Nutrition: Take care of your nutrition. Adequate protein, carbs & fats help. Micronutrients help as well. For, e.g., Fish oil capsules help a great deal with inflammation. 4) Ice or heat therapy for temporary relief: Well this is quite debated, but athletes do claim that ice bath after a rigorous session does help with the swelling or extreme soreness. On the other hand, some even say that a hot tub helps to minimize tension and pain in muscles. Well, no harm in giving them a try and finding out, right?! 5) Avoid painkillers: Yea, you can get ‘Flexon- MR’ over the counter at a local pharmacy, but you don’t have to. You should consider it only in really extreme cases. ( like in case you can’t even blink or move your finger...kidding! 🙄 But you get the point) 6) Stay hydrated: word! 7) Massage/foam rollers: Yep, they do provide relief. Try them. Basically, the adage ‘Time heals everything’ is so true in the case of soreness. I know, it sucks to know that, but we can’t be ‘sore’ losers about it.😉 Happy healing everyone!✌️


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