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👉Before deciding that you have a low metabolism always check that are you tracking your calories properly ? Most of the time people dont count the EXTRA calories which results in an increase in the total weekly calories intake and then when they dont lose weight they think that there metabolism is low . However , if you have a bad dieting history😞 , eating extremly low calories for a long time , gaining weight even at lower calories then you might have to deal with your metabolism . NOw , Start with following things to increase your metabolism 😎- 1. 🍱🥗🥣 Determine the amount of calories at which you are currently maintaining your weight . Lets say you have been eating 1200 calories for a long time and now you are maintaining your weight at those calories ( no weight loss , inch loss , 100% calorie tracking ) then 1200 kcal is your TEE 2. 🏃‍♂️Increase your NEAT - This is non excercise activity thermogenesis and it accounts for 20 to 40% of your total daily energy expenditure , hence increasing this can help you to increase your total energy output . 3.🍗 Eat More Protein - Our body burns some calories while digesting the food and protein has the highest TEF ( Thermic effect of food ) hence increasing the protein quantity in your diet is another good way to improve your total daily energy expenditure . TEF account s for 10% of TEE. 4. 🥛Drink good amount of water - Water helps the energy burning process of metabolism to work effectively , it also helps to curb your hunger , make you feel full . Target atleast 4 to 5 liters of water daily . 5. ✍️Reverse Dieting - You can start reverse dieting and gradually increase the calories . First start by increasing 100 calories and see the body's response after 10 days . if you still maintaining your weight then increase by 100 to 150 cal . However , dont just keep on increasing weekly , let your body adapt to the new (increased) calories and once you start mainintaing your weight at the (increased ) calories then you can increase by 100 again . 6. 💪Built Muscles - Muscles burn more calories then fat , your body burns more calories even at rest when you have good amount of muscles in comparision to when you have more fat . 7 . 🛌Sleep - Your sleep should be atleast 6 to 8 hours daily , keeping this range can help your body to recover properly , in a study it was already concluded that less than 6 hours of sleep affects fat loss and muscle recovery .

Prateek Maggo

Been in a deficit for 3 months and tracking everything I eat. Started from arnd 23% BF. Still don't see abs. What could be the causes? Have never been on a bulk in my life. Cutting for the first time after bro splits for 4-5 years.

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