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Day 9: Re-living your inner being : Value Relationships

Day 9: 21 days of Awesomeness

Life’s too short for grudges, Spread love Sometime back a very close friend of mine lost his father .The night before he was upset because there was some argument between the two as he didn’t allowed him for night out with friends and guy didn't talk to him that night .Next morning father was gone.He never got the chance to say sorry. Previous day I got the sad news of the demise of a mom of one of my cousin who was suffering from some disease. Every time I would think of visiting her and now that she is gone,I regret not having visited her earlier. Due to current scenario we can’t even attend her funeral . There will be many a times we are so engaged in our own emotions and feelings (good or bad) that we don’t feel that there are some people who care and love us more than anything and chances are us taking them granted by delaying or ignoring at that moment. The relations, our people and everyone around us are so precious that they should be valued and cherished at present . Rest everything can wait Life is so unpredictable.We postpone things for tomorrow and sometimes that tomorrow never comes. If you need to say 'Sorry' to someone,Say it Now! If you need to say' Thank you' to someone, Say it Now! If you need to say 'I love you ' to someone,Say it Now! If you need to say 'I care for you’ to someone,Say it Now! Just speak up and clear the air. None of us are perfect and who knows when you speak up you feel better, your feelings take U-turn. Never postpone anything for tomorrow. Life is too short for grudges, resentments and bitterness. Spread love and Live at the moment . Now pick a phone and speak to everyone you have been delaying since ages. Tell them you care for them , Shower your love everywhere . Life’s too short for hatred or ego , Let the Love be in air ❤️❤️ #mindfulness #peaceofmind #peace #love #energy #happy #loveyourself #compassion #kindness #beautiful #inspire #mentalillness #depressionhelp #mentalwellnesschallenge #mentalwellness #mindfulness #mind #mindset #onelife

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beautifully written 👌

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