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Day 19: Re-live your Inner Being : A lovely date with self

Day 19: 21 days of Awesomeness

A lovely date with self After you are done with your dinner or once sun goes down in the evening, Keep all your phones at home and take a long walk alone in your terrace, balcony or isolated room (better to take in terrace or open air place, don’t go out :P)Just make sure you are alone and all the gadgets are off. This walk will be your first date with yourself. As you go on for a first date with a partner just remember how cheerful you were , This time you will be alone and you need to think about some amazing things about yourself which made/make you feel good. Sometimes only few moments with yourself makes life much more happier. This is the first step , once done try to spend some time with yourself daily and think about all the great things happened with you today since you woke up and notice that beautiful smile on your face. How blessed our life is, How awesome and lucky we are to have everything around us to survive in this beautiful world . Pat on your back and say CHEERS TO MY LIFE ❤️ #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #peaceofmind #peace #love #energy #happy #loveyourself #compassion #kindness #beautiful #inspire #mentalillness #depressionhelp #mentalwellnesschallenge #mentalwellness #mindfulness #mind #mindset #onelife
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