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Day 16: Re-live your Inner being : Dealing with Past Experiences

Day 16: 21 days of Awesomeness

Letting go Past Experiences and Feelings, will make your mind light . Let me ask you one thing . How would you feel if I made you sit near dustbin or trash cane for five minutes ? Not good .Right? The stink will make you run away . Past bad Experiences are just like trash , the lesson is already learnt , the experience you got is enough for you to not walk the same path again . Right ? But why do you keep on thinking same stuff again and again . Few past bad experiences doesn’t define life and more you think about it more the trash you will give it to your mind . Here, we are carrying all the waste from past experiences and feelings for years and ruining our life at present. Isn’t it ? Remember, yesterday we discussed our mind is beautiful then why would you want to put trash from previous experiences in your beautiful mind. Keep it safe and fill it only with beautiful thoughts of love, happiness, success, power, energy ,enthusiasm, the thoughts which boost your morale. Today, take 30 minutes of your time, sit down and remember all the worst experiences or feelings of past which you feel should not have occured , write it down in the diary and burn down the paper . Let go of all waste from your mind and Cheers to the new beginning ❤️ Our mind isn’t a dustbin , Lets put off all waste in a paper and burn it down, let go of all the bad experiences and just take learnings out of them so we should not repeat the mistakes. Have a lovely day . Cheers ❤️ #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #peaceofmind #peace #love #energy #happy #loveyourself #compassion #kindness #beautiful #inspire #mentalillness #depressionhelp #mentalwellnesschallenge #mentalwellness #mindfulness #mind #mindset #onelife

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