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Day 14: Re-live your Inner Being: An actor in World Stage

Day 14: 21 days of Awesomeness

You are an Actor of this Drama called life, World is your stage. Give your best shot. This day, Whenever you perform any task just keep consciousness that world is watching you and give your 100% efforts . World appreciates or not but you definitely will pat on your back when you give your 100% to everything . At the end of the day when you go to sleep , your mind will be guilt free and you will be at utmost satisfaction . Read below for more clarity: An actor in a film performs well and gives his best because he knows world is watching him/her. Their act will be responsible for appreciation or criticism based on their performance and hence they are always conscious to give their best shot. This world is an stage, A huge drama is going on and we all are actors. Each of us have different individual roles to play. Now don’t expect that your role will match to someone else’s. When you expect the same the difference in thought process arises and we feel sad . What we need to do is “Appreciate” others’ role because they are doing their own best, You have to do your own. You don’t need to worry . If they are your closed ones , give them advice but don’t expect that they will follow you completely . They might not and this might hamper your mindset. Now just be static in this world drama, Play your role at best and Watch other’s play their role. Don’t bother them much . Mostly appreciate them , That’s the way to live peaceful life . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #peaceofmind #peace #love #energy #happy #loveyourself #compassion #kindness #beautiful #inspire #mentalillness #depressionhelp #mentalwellnesschallenge #mentalwellness #mindfulness #mind #mindset #onelife

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