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Day 10: Re-living your inner being: Feeding mind positives

Day 10: 21 days of Awesomeness

Feed your mind with Sensible stuff only In order to make our mind habitual of sensible stuff, we need to feed it with all how we want our life to be. . . If you feed in negative , it will reflect in your life too. If you feed in non sensible stuff , it will come back to you too. Our life is so precious that it is just for us and our loved ones. . . When you take care of your loved ones as family same vibes goes for all human beings across because now you are habitual for feeding good . . . You have ignored non-sensible stuff . You don’t need to do bitching about anyone or hear bitching for anyone , it really won’t contribute to your success in anyways. Rather it will fill your mind with unwanted negative emotions which will inturn bring in fear and insecurity . . . Be a good boy and a good girl, Feed your mind with all the sensible things which will either help you at present or will be beneficial for you in future. Three steps to identify sensible talks - If someone is talking about third person, Check if it Is positive ? if yes, Stay back and listen .If it is negative, move away because you don’t need that. - If someone is talking about third person , will it benefit you at present or needed in future. If yes, Stay back else walk away . - In either cases above you can be someone. So do not talk negative about anyone or understand if that helps you or anyone in present or in future. Only talk then, else ignore. . . . When you have this kind of mindset people start following you and unknowingly you lighten up so many lives. So cheers to your awesomeness, Be proud of yourself and never ever feed in non sensible stuff which puts additional burden to your beautiful mind . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #peaceofmind #peace #love #energy #happy #loveyourself #compassion #kindness #beautiful #inspire #mentalillness #depressionhelp #mentalwellnesschallenge #mentalwellness #mindfulness #mind #mindset #onelife

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mushkil hai kafi 😀.... but yeah can give it a try 🙉

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