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Curd and When can we have it??

"We cannot have curd at night. It turns into poison!! Curd can cause acidity!

Can lactose intolerance People have curd?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 What is curd? Its a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk. It is done by adding rennet or edible acidic substance in milk. Due to increased acidity Casein in milk binds together. Remaining liquid is the Whey. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 Types of Curd: If produced by acid like lemon juice, curd releases lactose in water hence it is safe to have by lactose intolerant people. However if you are using rennet it attaches the lactose to the solid coagulated proteins. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 Views in Ayurveda: Curd has both sour and sweet properties and it increases Kapha dosha in the body. During night, there is natural predominance of Kapha in the body. This imbalance can lead to excess mucus development in the nasal passages. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 Our Views and Findings: It is absolutely fine to have curd at night. Only people prone to Asthma or cough and cold should avoid it for dinner as it is mucus causing. Curd is an excellent source of good bacteria which helps in digestion. Due to its high calcium and phosphorous content, it does wonders for teeth and bone health. So if you dont have a clogged nose enjoy your bowl of curd and thank us later.

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Daily recommended amount of curd

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