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Curcumin - The Magical Supplement

Author : Sravan Kumar

If you’re a natty lifter, then you know that we don’t just add supplements to our stack to help us lose fat or gain muscle. A few may be added to improve overall health and well-being and Curcumin is one of them. Curcumin is the yellow substance extracted from Turmeric. People often get confused between Curcumin and Turmeric but there is the technical difference between them. Turmeric is the yellowish spice which is available in our kitchens and which we use to add flavour to our food while Curcumin is a chemical present in the Turmeric and in small portions in ginger. It has a long history as a traditional herbal medicine. Curcumin has a poor oral bioavailability and thus it is recommended to combine with an absorption enhancer such as black pepper or pepper extract. What makes Curcumin a “magical” supplement? It has anti-inflammatory effects which may be protective against some forms of cancer progression based on very preliminary research. It can act as an anti-oxidant and protect the body from oxidative damage. It is shown to improve functionality in elderly and injured people who suffer from osteoarthritis. It may help in increasing insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant population. It may help in increasing the High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) which is considered “Good” cholesterol. It may help in improving kidney function. It may increase intestinal motility i.e. the speed at which food particles pass through the intestines. It may help in increasing the adiponectin concentrations which influence glucose metabolism and fat loss. Increased adiponectin levels are said to improve fat loss and overall health. Curcumin supplement (80mg) has been shown to increase nitric oxide in serum by 40% which is greater than most of the supplements available in the market. It also helps increase blood flow and vascular function. It may help in reducing anxiety, depression, inflammation, fatigue, blood pressure and triglycerides. How to consume Curcumin? o see the required effects, Curcumin supplementation between 80 and 500 mg is recommended. As the bioavailability of Curcumin is poor, it has to be combined with other substances for better absorption. For instance: You can pair it with black pepper (piperine). Curcumin phytosomes complexed with phosphatidylcholine. Curcumin nanoparticles (THERACURMIN). Water-soluble curcumin (polyvinyl pyrrolidone). If it is not so combined, then only a small amount of Curcumin gets absorbed by the body even when it is consumed in higher doses. If it is used for improving digestion, then it can be taken by itself without adding any combinations; just 2-4 grams of Turmeric will help. (Note: Always consult with a doctor before starting supplementation).

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