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Cupcake vs health

What if you've to choose between health and cupcakes? It's a complex question really, if you just replaced cupcake with any kind of addiction, it becomes a very common question. So let me try and answer this in the most understandable manner. Let's say you've to make a choice between going to school and playing video games whole day. Which one would you pick? School or video games? You'd probably pick school if you're mature enough but let's say if I gave you this option when you were a kid, what would you have picked? Pretty sure 99% would have picked playing video games that's because you wouldn't realise the importance of School then. As you grow older and you mature, you realise that right decisions are often not popular but they're the right ones. Now a cupcake is too innocent and too small to be categorised with all the rights and wrongs in the world but we're talking about giving up on health vs giving up on a cupcake. The fact that you feel something is more important than your health is exactly where everything goes wrong. You see, you can't buy health! Even the most powerful people in the world wish they'd taken care of themselves when they had the time. You'd be shocked to know that most of them actually do. Bill gates, Jeff Besos, Obama, Putin, Sundar Pichhai, Zuckerberg and even PM Modi. You'd see them over the years and you'd realise how less they've changed. Goes on to show how well they're taking care of their bodies. You'd never see these people getting out of shape. Most powerful people in the world, they can eat as many cupcakes as they want, they can get as fat as they want but do they? Heck most of them don't even fall sick at their age. Obama is known to not take a single sick leave throughout his tenure! Pretty Sure, PM Modi is the same! Ask yourself why! Because they know how important every single day, every single hour of their life was or is for a lot of people! A lot of people just waste away their lives in their personal pleasures chasing happiness or some shit which is a flawed concept( will cover it some other times) not realising how much they could have contributed to the world. Why don't they? Because they're still stuck with the basics of whether to choose between health or a cupcake. Now I don't blame people when they don't have ambition or goals or dreams of doing something big because of how they were raised, but I do blame people for not learning and staying the same. Oh and you don't have to really give up on cupcakes, you can have them once in a while, just adjust them in your macros or eat less the next day lol Cheers, JC

Parul Goyal

Thanks a lot for this 😊

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