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Cravings and Dopamine! How are they related to each other.

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Do you have high cravings for certain food? Is dopamine related to it ?

🍕 Cravings is an emotional state driven by a desire to eat certain type of food based on the person’s choice. 🍕 Cravings can come out anytime and make you feel miserable sometimes.Cravings isn’t the actual problem .The problem actually starts when you start to binge eat them . 🍕 Cravings can also be triggered like lets say smelling a biriyani or walk passing by your favourite ice cream shop.These triggers are also known as cues. 🍕 Cravings Is all about to satisfy your brain’s need for dopamine. 🍕 When you start getting cravings for certain food its difficult to think about something else unless you get it. 🍕 Its absolutely fine to get cravings however the problem starts when craving controls you and your mood. How cravings slowly turn into binge eating ? 🍕When you fulfil your cravings your brain gets a reward with release of dopamine (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, one of those chemicals that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells (neurons) of the brain. Also known as happy hormone ) which makes you feel better and happy. 🍕These repeated cycle of reward and cravings makes the connection stronger over time and it ultimately takes over our mind. 🍕A few years back you might need a slice of pizza to satisfy your craving but now it has become 4 slices due to this repeated cycle. Can you relate this ? Share what you crave for in the comment section and how do you overcome it . Will be back by a post on how to manage your cravings and how you can include it in your daily lifestyle. Thanks for reading 🙏🏼 References :

Shobith K Menon

Hello guys I have read all the comments till now and realise that we all have certain kind of cravings ! Some crave for chocolates , pizzas , spicy food , pani puri etc ! I would give you guys few tips To be honest you cannot run away from your cravings ! So what can we do ! We can learn to provide it to the body when it demands for it ! Now the problem is a piece of chocalate becomes a pack of chocolate ! So we need to master this by doing it ! And controlling our mind ! We need to be a lot stronger. You need to stop as per your quantities and we should not eat until we want it! It won’t be easy ! You will fail many times but you can do it ! Remember one thing, satisfy your craving as per your need and do not binge eat. Binge eating will make the connection stronger with the particular food and make things worse later on ! I would come with a post trying to find different solution on how we can manage them ! Thanks !

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