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Couple Goals: How Fitness Changed Our Lives

Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Presenting our Transformation Video of The Week - Toshi & Kapil Mago.

Like so many newly married couples, Toshi and Kapil had dreams of starting a family. But the road to parenthood was rough. After suffering multiple miscarriages, they were finally blessed with a daughter. But over time, stress and unhealthy habits had taken a toll on both of them. Toshi could barely recognise herself. And at over 100 kgs, Kapil had multiple health issues. Worried for their daughter’s future, Toshi and Kapil decided to do something about their health and fitness. And they did! From being unfit to becoming role models and inspiring scores others, this is their amazing transformation story.

Amrita Bagchi

inspirational. we also joined for couple transformation. 😊☺️

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