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Coronavirus Predicted way back - Conspiracy Theories

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There's a video circulating on social media.

It's a 2 year old Chinese show on Netflix called "My Secret Terrius" which mentions "Coronavirus" in Episode 10 at the 57 minute mark. I got the same WhatsApp forward from many people, with well crafted conclusions about an elaborate conspiracy theory on world domination and bio warfare. Sounds creepy and frightening right? Well, it isn't. Firstly, the show is Korean, not Chinese. Secondly, the co-incidence isn't creepy, if you know what you're talking about. Half baked knowledge is dangerous. A simple Google search on "Coronavirus" in any medical/biology information repository can enlighten you with it, and a simple search on Coronavirus on social media can make you paranoid, convincing you of several conspiracy theories, complete with pseudo logic and pseudo proofs. (Believe me, I have seen them all, my mom sends me 10 whatsapp forwards a day!) Coronavirus is a family of many strains of flu causing viruses. (In biology, the correct taxonomy for the family is Coronaviridae). Interesting fact - even the common flu is caused by a strain of coronavirus. Even SARS (2002) was a coronavirus, along with several other pandemic potential viruses through the decades. The Chinese show in question probably based the storyline of this episode on that. Here's an earnest request - Please Stop spreading fear when we need to be positive amidst uncertainty and mayhem. Spreading half baked paranoid information does no one any good. Staying at home, maintaining physical distance from others, not hoarding and and keeping yourself clean is the only thing that you can, and should do right now to protect yourself and others. (And additionally if you want to help, then also think about helping others with the right knowledge and helping the underprivileged (daily wage workers) with resources.) If you come across any such fear causing resemblances and stories, do your own research first, question it, and find the truth from trustworthy sources before forwarding the information to others. It's high time to be positive and spread positivity and right knowledge instead of fear and paranoia. We are all in this together! Further references: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Dr Harshad Ramineni

you keep mentioning it as Chinese show when it's actually Korean 🤔😅 Please rectify it

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