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Exercise Science
How many times have you seen in the gym where people are wasting away their precious time trying to crunch their way into shape by doing some God awful “one size fits all” machines or by swinging their legs into the air, praying for a tapered waist with six-pack abs?

To begin with, having abs doesn’t equate to performance or strength. Depending on who you listen to, there are more than 30 muscles that can be called “core muscles”. Did you know core muscles actually include rectus abdominis(the beloved 6-pack muscle), internal/external obliques, quadratus lumbordum(QL), transverse abdominis, just to name some parts of that to comprise the 'core muscles'? These muscles specifically our spine and pelvis, amongst other movement functions, they also assist us in maintaining stability and act as an anchor for our body. Now I say they are wasting away their time because most of the time people don’t train these muscles effectively or efficiently. When they perform endless crunches not only does this put an acute strain on your lumbar spine but it doesn’t train the most important part of the “core” that is the spinal stability in a neutral position. Repeatedly going into and out of spinal flexion does nothing but make you very good at going into and out of spinal flexion. Further, most of the people, I can almost guarantee, are not working their rectus abdominis(6-pack), they are just ripping apart their already overactive hip flexors. If you actually perform the “core exercises” properly, focusing on reinforcing a stable neutral spine by performing the bird-dogs, dead-bugs, glute bridges, planks, etc can be a better choice on most occasions! CHEERS!!

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