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Do you often experience,

😕hard, dry, or lumpy stools. 😕stools that look like small stones. 😕pain and discomfort during bowel movements 😕a feeling of being unable to empty the bowels fully 😕a loss of appetite due to a continual sense of fullness 😕a slightly swollen belly Then this article may benefit you and help you to feel fresh every morning.🙂 Constipation is a common complaint that arises from the *diet and lifestyle* or other *underlying pathology* A poor diet, such as one that includes too much fatty foods, dry and hard food products and too little fiber, puts a person at risk of constipation. Eating certain foods can help to improve the frequency of bowel movements. Everyone’s bowel habits are different, but people who are constipated usually have *fewer than 3 bowel movements per week.* These are some common food, that may be a *super food* for your bowel 1. Water Water adds liquidity to the stool in the intestine which makes hard, lumpy, solid stool soft and easy to pass. 2. Yogurt/ curd Yogurt/ curd is an excellent probiotic. It keeps the ‘bad micro-organism’ away and keep the gut flora healthy thereby softening the stools. 3. Clear soups Generally warm liquids keep the gut moist amd allow the stool to pass smoothly. 4. Wheat bran and cereals Wheat bran and cereals are insoluble fibres. They provide bulk to stool and speed up its flow. 5.Fruits- Apple, grapes, kiwis, berries These fruits contains lot of water, they are easily digested and prevents getting blocked and constipate. 6. Flax seeds- Flaxseeds have mild laxative effect. They grease the intestinal wall and speed up the movement of stool and releases costipation. 7. Natural laxatives- Milk Castor oil Aloe- vera gel Psyllium husk fibre Other common issues that can increase the risk of constipation include: 1. Too much stress 2. being dehydrated 3. not going to the bathroom enough or trying to hold stools in 4. traveling may affect your stool cycle 5 dietary changes 6 not getting enough exercise Medical conditions that can cause constipation include: 1. Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS 2. pregnancy and giving birth 3. celiac disease 4. diabetes 5. hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia 6 hyperparathyroidism 7. intestinal tumors or growths 8. rectal prolapse 9. anal fissures 10 anxiety and depression If any above medical condition is noticed, do visit the specialist. If diet or lifestyle changes are not enough to ease a your symptoms, a doctor or pharmacist may recommend laxative medications after through examining the case.

Rohini Reche

can you pl mention which are the most fibrous food that can include in daily diet? can we take aloe vera juice daily to cure constipation?

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