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Constipation is the root of maximum health problems. Constipation and indigestion is the base of your maximum health problems.There is no specific medicine that can cure constipation,but it can be treated with proper diet and a correct life style.

What is constipation? Constipation is a symptom not a disease. How will you know that a person Is suffering from constipation? 1.If a person is passing stools for less than 3 times in a week then he or she is constipated. 2.If a person is passing stools on regular baises but the stool is very dry and hard then he or she is constipated. 3.If a person is having pain during Bowel movements and Blood in stools then he or she is constipated. Causes of constipation:- 1.Poor diet and lifestyle 2.Low fiber diet. 3.Dehydration 4.lack of exercise or physical activity 5.Side effects of certain medicines. 6.Pregnancy 7.Improper sleep and stressful life. Medical causes:- Stroke,Intestinal obstruction,IBD ,overuse of laxatives etc,There are many other medical issues where we can see constipation as one of the symptoms. Treatment:- 1.Monitor your water Intake. 2.Add fiber rich food in your diet like plenty of green leafy vegetables, whole grains , fruits. 3.Avoid excess of Tea or coffee. 4.Include curd and butter milk in your diet which Is a natural probiotic and it is good for gut health 5.Regular sleep and exercise can also help in overcoming this problem 6.Avoid processed and prepackaged food. Most of the cases of Constipation can be treated by doing small changes in your lifestyle and Diet. If you are still facing this problem after making changes in your diet and life style then do consult your Doctor to rule out any underlying pathology.

Meenakshi verma

mam I am.taking isabgol n do 5 days workout but then also I have constipation water is arround 3 lts if I add more fiber it also causes constipation.please guide I don't take tea coffee I don't eat non veg I don't eat processed food I don't eat maida please guide what to do

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